Kraków Loves Adana + Wy – 17.04.18 – Ostpol

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KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA (Indiepop/Shoegaze, D)

Kraków Loves Adana are a Hamburg based indie band started by Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann after meeting in a music club. The duo creates music that is dreamy and intimate with a delicate and reduced instrumentation.

With their third album ‚Call Yourself New‘ (2017) the duo once again opened the doors to their cinematic world. A place that is intense, brooding and melancholic, but also beautiful, exhilarating and spectacular. With their new singles ‚American Boy‘ and ‚Rapture‘ the pair gave a foretaste of what is to expect from the forthcoming studio album ‚Songs After The Blue‘, which releases on April 6th 2018 on the band‘s own record label Better Call Rob.

wy (Dreampop/Sadcore, SWE)

Longtime lovers Ebba and Michel formed Wy in 2015 after several years of playing in bands together. Their guitar-driven pop is dreamy and melancholic and with Ebba’s distinctive voice they manage to cut through the noise and latch on to your soul.

On their debut album „Okay“ Wy are wearing their hearts on their sleeves. The 10-track LP contains mellow anthems about self-doubt, social anxiety and the search for happiness. Like true masters of sad pop, Wy’s music can make you cry while still letting the sun peek through the window.


> 17.04.2018 | Ostpol Dresden | Königbrücker Str. 47
> Einlass: 20:30 | Beginn 21:30

> VVK 10€ zzgl. Gebühren | AK 12€
> Tickets ab sofort bei saxTicket – Der Kartenschalter und der Konzertkasse Dresden: |